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B O R N E Perfect New York, founded by Brently Pearson in 2013, out of the Mount Vernon New York where he spent most of his childhood playing sports and creating clothing for himself and his friends.

B O R N E Perfect New York reflects personal stories from his youth growing up on the southside of Mount Vernon NY along with his travels around the world. Brently studied and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business management shortly after his release from state prison and worked various jobs before diving full-time into fashion design.

With no formal training specific to fashion design, Brently credits his understanding of fabrication and construction to growing up with his mother who is a Nurse but was accustomed to sewing, creating clothing for himself and his siblings. This provided a foundation and understanding of how to build each piece and the subsequent stories told with each item.

We hope to empower people to embrace their individuality and to believe in their talents they have to offer this world. 'Leave Your Mark' on the world so you will continue to inspire people long after you’re gone. We want you to be apart of our legacy because you are our legacy. 

2022 will Showcase the range of his design concepts, with a mixture of fabrication and storytelling that will explain why has one of the best kept secrets in the world of fashion.

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